Get more joy out of cooking at home!

Does cooking at home feel like a daunting task? Say no more! We’ve gathered our favourite tips to make cooking at home more engaging and doable! 


Get creative about where you buy your food and ingredients 

Grocery shopping is a skill! And purchasing ingredients is essentially where cooking begins. Trying out new places is a great way to expand your grocery shopping skills, while also turning cooking at home into creative experience! 
Farmers markets are perfect places to purchase local freshly grown produce that can serve as meal inspiration. 
Dare to venture outside of your comfort zone? Head over to some of your local ethnic grocery stores. You’ll be surprised by all the new foods and ingredients you’ll discover! 
Planting your own garden is also another wonderful way to play around with your ingredients and be more involved in your cooking. And don’t forget to rave about your very own vegetable garden to your friends and family!

Get adventurous with your cooking

Always, always, always try out new recipes. Try tweaking ingredients to suit your taste buds and make sure to play around with your dishes. Also, be open to trying out new ingredients or foods you’re not familiar with or even cooking them in different ways! 

Need some inspiration? Here are a few uncommon fruits and vegetables you may have never have heard of, but can actually be incorporated into tasty dishes or desserts: 

Up for a cooking adventure? Make sure to check out our “Craft-It-Yourself: Plant-Based Ground Meat”. Our ground meat is super versatile, with simple ingredients and no compromising of flavours! It can be shaped into your choice of food and incorporated into tons of dishes including tacos, burgers, wraps… you name it! We can’t think of a better way to get adventurous with your cooking.


Try out meal kits

Don’t have time to go grocery shopping? Meal kits are a life-saver when it comes to preparing foods on short notice! 
There are so many perks of meal kits: they save you plenty of time, they’re beginner friendly, they’re (sometimes) healthy and well organized. Perfect for those who love meal planning! And they’re an excellent way to experiment with new foods! 
While meal kits may not be very affordable, the first boxes can be found heavily discounted, especially for the vegetarian options (Yay!). 

Pro tip: When it comes to meal kits, we suggest taking advantage of all the deals you can find before you settle on one company!


Be mindful of leftovers!

Don’t feel like cooking up a new meal? Not hungry for yesterday’s dinner? Here’s a hack… try reusing your leftovers to craft new dishes. 
We all know that sometimes eating the same dinner twice in a row can get boring. But this tip can definitely feed your appetite, while making cooking easier. For example, you can repurpose your leftover quinoa to make quinoa fried “rice”, patties or use them in a wrap
Learning to repurpose leftovers into new recipes will not only save you time, but also help reduce food waste by preventing food from spoiling in your fridge. And this may turn out to be the perfect way to get creative with your cooking!


Listen to music

Listening to your favourite playlist while cooking will really get you going! We recommend listening to upbeat music to help recreate a cooking fiesta experience and keep you motivated throughout. 

To make things simpler for you, here is our very own 2 hour long cooking playlist on Spotify! It features some of my favourite songs to cook (and dance!) to. Check it out and let us what your favorite cooking songs are in the comments below!


Pro tip: We all get carried away with our favourite music, but if you don’t want to overcook or burn your food…make sure to keep the dancing to a minimum. There’s probably already enough HEAT in your kitchen!


Share the deliciousness 

Make sure to share the meal with family and friends, whether it be through involving them in the cooking process or to simply enjoy the final product. Nowadays everyone could use a little pick me up and what better way to show this gesture than by cooking someone a surprise meal! This rewarding and exciting experience may even help you channel your inner chef! 
We think it’s safe to say that everyone loves drooling over pictures of food, so don’t forget to snap a picture and share the recipe on social media! And make sure to tag food producers to show them what you cooked up with their ingredients. At Neophyto Foods we’re always curious to see what people create with our products! 


We hope these easy tips help you create a more enjoyable cooking experience. So go on, put that apron on, and get cookin’!

Rahbika Ashraf

Rahbika Ashraf is a Business Development and Growth Marketing Assistant at Neophyto Foods, with a background in Human Health and Nutritional Sciences from University of Guelph. She is passionate about health and wellness research, and bridging knowledge gaps with science! When she is not typing away, you can find her meditating, hiking, playing sports and watching TV shows.

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