Thai-Style Cabbage Wraps

These Thai Cabbage Wraps are perfect for a light lunch or an appetizer - and are completely guilt-free! These wraps are high in protein and low in calories and carbs, as well as super flavourful, so consider making a little extra in advance!  Even better, they’re completely customizable to what you already have in your pantry; you’ll only need cabbage (or lettuce), our Neokit™, & 20 minutes. If the flavour palette isn’t for you, feel free to get creative with ingredients of your choice - for example, try garnishing with taco with or a shawarma toppings. The possibilities are endless!  Yields: 4 servings Prep time: 10 min Cook time: 10 min Total time: 20 min INGREDIENTS Filling 1 pack prepared Neokit™...

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Simple Jajangmyeon (No...

Want a simple dish yet full of flavours? Try this Korean-style Jajangmyeon today! Ready to enjoy the rich black bean sauce mixed with the aroma of sautéd onions, the meatiness of our Plant-Based Ground Meat, and freshly sliced cucumbers... Caution, you won't stop eating!

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4 Creamy Dipping Sauce...

Dipping sauces can help transform and amplify the flavours of a simple dish! We recently tried 4 creamy dipping sauces ideas using our very own Neocheese. And we can confirm that they go perfectly with vegan nuggets made using our Neokit™ - Plant-Based Ground Meat Kit! Scroll to be pleasantly surprised. 

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Vegan Asian Noodle Soup

This warm Vegan Asian Noodle Soup requires minimal effort, yet it’s super delicious and satisfying. You can spice it up however you like! This recipe is loaded with mushrooms and our very own Neokit™ - Plant-Based Ground Meat Kit, but the quantities and veggies are easily customizable to your liking! Just what you need for a cozy weeknight dinner!

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Vegan Shepherd’s Pie

This cozy Vegan Shepherd’s Pie is perfect for the Fall weather. A medley of hearty vegetables, broth and our very own Neokit™ - Plant-Based Ground Meat Kit baked to perfection! A delicious dish that everyone will enjoy! 

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